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Plantar Fascitis – Pain in your sole


Plantar Fasciitis

Irritability and inflammation are good indicators of an overly stressed plantar fascia. However, many people will ignore these initial stages of plantar fasciitis, treating it as muscle soreness.

As the tissue is stretched, it needs time to rest and rehabilitate; failure to do so will add more pressure and increase the risk of further damage.

Stress on the plantar fascia can be helped by the usage of orthotic shoe inserts. Orthotics provide support to the arches in the feet, which reduces the amount of pressure the plantar fascia undergoes during activity.

Footmaxx has created several orthotic accommodations that are designed to ease the pain associated with plantar fasciitis.

Footmaxx’s semi-rigid orthotics correct the abnormal biomechanics of the foot by raising the plantar fascia to its optimal position.

Accommodations such as Heelmaxxâ„¢ and Heel Cushions provide support to the heel by offloading the amount of pressure it normally undergoes in the gait cycle.

Assess your patients for abnormal foot biomechanics with Metascanâ„¢ and protect their gait with Footmaxx Orthotics. Call Dr.Lo for your assessment now. 604-270-1007

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