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10 Tips for a Safe Halloween


As your little ones prepare their costumes to trick or treat their way through the night, the Canadian Red Cross has prepared a quick list of 10 tips to make sure everyone gets home safely. You may not need to fear vampires and ghosts knocking on your door, but fire hazards, scrapes and getting lost are potential concerns.

1) Give your kids a map of their trick or treat route so they can find their way home. Mark the homes of nearby friends and relatives in case they need assistance on their journey. Younger children should be chaperoned by an adult.

2) Instruct children to walk on the sidewalk not the street – even princesses and fairies have to watch out for motorists!

3) Prepare for the dark with lighter coloured clothing and reflective surfaces. What better way to decorate a sword or a cape than with magical glowing tape?

4) Avoid any type of flame by substituting candles with glow sticks. Wigs and costumes are highly flammable and glow sticks are perfect for illuminating Jack-o-lanterns.

5) Remind your kids to stick with groups of at least four or five – after all, even legendary heroes are stronger as a team (like the Avengers and X-Men!)

6) Tell them to only visit residences with a porch light on and not to enter a stranger’s home – politely accept candy and promptly leave.

7) Costumes are meant to embellish – not to hide. Keep hems short to avoid tripping and don’t let masks block the eyes.

8) Whether you have one eye, two eyes, three eyes or four, always look both ways before crossing the street.

9) Both mystical creatures and children need to let parents check their candy before eating to remove any potential hazards.

10) A flashlight is akin to a protective light saber of sorts and makes nighttime travelling safer (it also helps you spot a ghost or goblin trying to plan a surprise attack!)

Following these tips on October 31 will help ensure your family has a fun and safe night of trick or treating.

Happy Trick or Treating!!!! Have a Spooktacular Day.

Rounded Shoulders


Rounded shoulders

The problem: Weakness in the middle and lower parts of your trapezius (the large muscle that spans your shoulders and back)

The fix: Lie facedown on the floor, with each arm at a 90-degree angle in the high-five position. Without changing your elbow angle, raise both arms by pulling your shoulders back and squeezing your shoulder blades together. Hold for five seconds. That’s one rep; do two or three sets of 12 reps daily.

Ways to Correct your Slouching Posture


Slumping your shoulders doesn’t just make you resemble one of our long-extinct ancestors—if you don’t stand up straight, no amount of exercise will give you the hot bod you’re after.

Here’s why: Over time, poor posture takes a serious toll on your spine, shoulders, hips, and knees. In fact, it can cause a cascade of structural flaws that lead to back and joint pain, reduced flexibility, and compromised muscles, all of which limit your ability to burn fat and build strength.

But you can head off all these problems by using the exercises to fix your form, soothe your pain, and get your curves moving in the right direction.

Get your posture checked and we will offer custom exercises to correct your problems. Call 604-270-1007 now. All ages, young and old, accepted.