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Coconut Milk Nutrition

……… is an excellent source of minerals and contains vitamins in moderate amounts.  One of the most important benefits of coconut milk is its ability to boost the immune system. 

    Here are some nutritional facts of one cup of coconut milk:


  • CALCIUM :  38.4 mg – promotes healthy bones and teeth


  • MAGNESIUM:  89 mg – maintaining normal blood pressure levels and alleviating muscle stiffness.  Also decreases the risk of cardiovascular ailments such as heart attacks.


  • POTASSIUM and PHOSPHORUS:  631 mg potassium and 240 mg phosphorus – enhance your energy level, healthy development of bone structure and ensuring optimal functioning of the kidneys.


  • OTHER MINERALS:  Manganese 2.2 mg, Copper 0.6 mg, and Zinc 1.6 mg.


  • VITAMINS:  Vitamin C 6.7 mg and Vitamin E  0.4 mg


  • CARBOHYDRATES:  contains only 13.3 g per cup of coconut milk


  • SUGARS:  just 8 g  per cup


  • FATS:  contains high amount of saturated fats (approx. 50 g per cup)  However, the saturated fat content in coconut oil does not necessarily cause weight gain, as metabolism of fat is converted into energy and the fat does not get stored in the body.  Daily exercise can help to get rid of excess fat too.  Coconut milk also contains healthy fats (omega 6 essential fatty acids) that promote overall health.


  • LAURIC ACID:  important fatty acid useful to prevent blockages in arteries, thus keeping the heart healthy.


  • CALORIES:  553  .  It is a bit high, so consume in small amounts.