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Callus and Orthotics



Callus is an area of thickened skin tissue on the bottom of the foot due to irritation. Calluses are localized in high friction areas, typically under bony prominences.

How is it caused?

The integrity of the protective barrier the skin provides the foot is critical in maintaining weight-bearing function. Callus formation occurs in areas of high vertical and shear loads and defends against blistering and ulceration. However, this process itself can cause symptoms and predispose patients with poly-neuropathy to deep infection. Even in a so-called “healthy” foot, poor foot function can lead to callus formation. During over-pronation, the foot rolls across the metatarsal heads—one at a time—distributing the weight unequally. This happens because the foot is unstable, with over pronation causing hypermobility of soft tissues. Prolonged over pronation will cause the skin to be trapped between the bones in the foot and the ground; concurrently, the friction of individual metatarsal heads, bearing all the weight, can cause inflammation. The skin thickens in the inflamed area to protect the sore spot. This thick build up of skin so close to the nerve endings in the bottom of the foot is what contributes to the pain.


Soft tissue care and maintenance is recommended. However, since the problem is high vertical and shear loading your patient will benefit from Footmaxx orthotics to properly redistribute plantar pressure. Within weeks, your patient will likely feel pain relief. The calluses can be cut away or will eventually go away on their own once the irritation no longer exists.

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