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Foot Pain (PTTD)


Posterior Tibial Tendon Disorder

Those who suffer from Posterior Tibial Tendon Disorder (PTTD) can experience pain, inflammation, and collapsing of the medial arches.

When stretched from its normal state, the Posterior Tibial Tendon (PTT) lacks the ability to support and stabilize the medial arch. Strenuous pressure on this tendon without continual support will increase the chances of it being completely torn.

Most circumstances of PTTD can effectively be treated and prevented with orthotics and custom foot orthoses. Very few cases are so severe that surgical intervention is required.

In order to support this vulnerable tendon, an orthotic should be rigid and wide enough to prevent further collapse of the tendon. Orthotic intervention can have an immense effect in the prevention of PTTD.

Footmaxx offers a variety of orthotic specializations that can provide that support and take the pressure off of the weak tendon. An example would be an orthotic that offers a wide medial flange that can prevent further strain on the tendon by supporting the medial arch.

Prevention includes wearing orthotics and proper footwear. Patients should wear shoes that offer medial arch support with a firm heel counter, especially during rigorous activity. Wearing proper shoes and custom orthotics to prevent and treat this frequent injury is a proactive way to avoid surgery and long-term instability.

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