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Richmond, BC
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Monday, Thursday and Saturday | 9am – 2pm
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday | 9am – 6pm

Happy New Years

Dear Friends and Family,

Happy New Year!

If you’re like most of us, you’ll be using this special time of the year to reflect and renew. Many of us decide to break old, unhealthy habits. Others resolve to take better care of themselves, improve their diets, lose some weight, or begin a regular exercise program.

Start the New Year with a chiropractic checkup.

Before you begin an exercise program, make sure your routine won’t put wear and tear on malfunctioning spinal joints! Even without obvious symptoms, improper spinal function can diminish the benefits of a toning and strengthening exercise routine.

Stop by for a chiropractic checkup and see what’s new. Get the New Year off to a healthy start. Call for an appointment now.


Tak-Yan Lo and staff


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