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Burning pain in the forefoot is a common symptom of metatarsalgia. Many patients will describe the feeling of having a pebble or a marble stuck in their shoe.

Causes can be from an increase in activity, ill-fitted footwear such as high heels, or from the emergence of another foot ailment, such as a bunion.

Treatment options for metatarsalgia
• Footmaxx™ orthotics should be worn to correct abnormal pronation and redistribute the weight more evenly along the plantar surface.

Alternate footwear frequently
• Tight-fitting footwear can cause abnormal gait and should be worn in moderation. It is important to alternate shoes for work, social life, and exercise.

Take a break
• It is important to rehabilitate the injured area. Rest often and apply ice to reduce soreness and swelling.
• Try new exercise routines that apply less pressure on the feet, such as swimming or bike riding.

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