Richmond Chiropractic Centre


President Plaza

#5520-8181 Cambie Road (next to the Radisson Hotel)
Richmond, BC
V6X 1J8

Phone number:

+1 (604) 270-1007


Consultation hours

Monday, Thursday and Saturday | 9am – 2pm
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday | 9am – 6pm

Nutritional Counseling

One-on-one counseling with our dietitian, Ms. Rosalie Lung.

Discuss your special needs and let us help you choose the best foods for your health and well-being.

* Healthy nutrition

* Weight Management

* Healthy Heart (cholesterol, high blood pressure)

* Osteoporosis and Gout

* Pre-diabetes and Diabetes

* Cancer Care

* Crohn’s and Colitis Disease

* Kidney disease

* Food allergies and intolerances

* Vegetarian diets

* Nutrition during pregnancy and lactation

* Healthy babies, children and elderly

Call us to make an appointment, 604-270-1007 or email us at

All information provided during your visit is confidential.  If you are referred by your doctor, he/she will receive a report from the dietitian within 2 weeks of your first visit.

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