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“I can’t see well at night” – Vitamin A

   Usage:   – helps cells reproduce normally, stimulates immunity and is needed for formation of bone, protein and growth hormone.

   Where: – Liver, dairy and cod liver oil.

   Who: -  individuals who limit their consumption of liver, dairy foods, and beta-carotene-containing vegetables

   Symptoms: – dry skin, increased risk of infections, metaplasia (a precancerous condition) and poor night vision.

   Dosage: – males and postmenopausal women, upto 25,000 IU (7500mcg) of Vitamin A/day; pregnant women, less than 10,000 IU (3000 mcg)/day is widely accepted as safe.  If you eat lots of foods rich in vitamin A in the form of carotene the body will absorb it, but take care not to go overboard with supplements or foods high in vitamin A.

   Foods: – Liver, dairy, carrots, boiled spinach, cantalope



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